Environment protection

The use of resource-saving technologies, ecological safety and environmental protection are the key factors in the production activity of NewBio LLC.

The enterprise has resolved all issues related to the protection of water resources, atmospheric air and soil from the negative impact of production.

The company has invested over 1 billion rubles in the construction of environmental facilities:
- treatment facilities for biological treatment of industrial wastewater;
- a complex of facilities for the treatment of highly mineralized industrial wastewater;
- showery ​sewer treatment facilities.
The environmental safety of the enterprise in matters of water protection is guaranteed by the use of equipment from the world's leading manufacturers specializing in these processes:
- IC-reactor from Paques BV (Netherlands);
- membrane modules for sludge separation MFM-300 by Alfa-Laval (Denmark);
- aeration elements from Rehau and others.

All wastewater treatment plants in the aggregate represent a complex, unique in terms of a set of the most modern and efficient technologies, designed to ensure almost zero environmental impact of the production facility.

The protection of atmospheric air from pollution and the efficiency of cleaning industrial emissions are ensured by the use of powerful filtration equipment on all air streams leaving to the atmospheric air. Plants for purification of emissions into atmospheric air are included in the set of basic technological equipment (pneumatic dryers for starch, gluten; rotary drum dryers for germ, feed; spray dryers for maltodextrins).

At all stages of the production process, the company strives for the careful use of natural resources.

Each employee of the company shares responsibility for the environment and understands the need to respect nature.

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