Dry corn gluten

Dry corn gluten

Due to its unique properties, corn gluten is widely used: 

- as a valuable component of corn feed; 

- as a highly effective protein supplement in the diet of agricultural animals and poultry; 

- in the production of compound feed; 

- as a protein and vitamin supplement and a filler for premixes.

TU 10.62.20-001-22431887-2020
Corn gluten feed produced by NewBio LLC is manufactured from by-products of corn grain processing: corn fibers, crushed corn and corn steep liquor.
Corn gluten feed has a high feed value, contains more than 20 % of digestible protein and is used for feeding agricultural animals, as well as a component in the production of combined feed for poultry and aquacultures.
The production capacity is more than 30 000 tons per year.
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