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NewBio LLC - is a new production complex based on many years of world experience, the latest scientific achievements and innovative technologies in the production of starch and starch products.

The company is focused on the production and sale of high-quality products in the Russian and world markets.

The project was carried out by the International Starch Institute (Denmark), a leading European engineering company in the field of starch and starch products.

In 2020, the enterprise was put into operation and launched industrial production of maltodextrins, glucose syrups, dry corn starch and feed products.

In 2021, a production capacity for processing corn of 155,000 tons per year was reached, with the possibility of further increasing production volumes.

Our products
Product quality and food safety are strategic priorities for the company


  • Guarantee of high quality and safety of end products in accordance with Russian and international standards;
  • Absence of GMOs;
  • ISO 9001-2015;
  • FSSC 2200 (v.5.1);
  • Halal;
  • Kosher;
  • Wide range of manufactured products;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Technical and technological support by promoting products;
  • Strict observance of contractual obligations in terms of volumes and delivery times.
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