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Dried glucose syrup

TS 10.62.13-001-224318

Description of properties Dried glucose syrups are carbohydrate products obtained by starch bioconversion that contain more monosaccharides (glucose, maltose) than maltodextrins.
Dried glucose syrups depending on the degree of hydrolysis have the following range of dextrose equivalent:
  • DE 28-32;
  • DE 34-36;
  • DE 38-40.

Advantages of NewBio’s products

Wide range of manufactured products. Additional types with specified characteristics are produced at the request of consumers.
A high quality of products has a positive effect on the quality of the consumer’s final product, helps to reduce consumption in formulations.
NewBio LLC strictly regulates the main quality indicators, providing the consumer with relevant information with every batch.

Functional properties

  • it complements the sweetness functions;
  • creating of the product structure and volume;
  • it increases the intensity of taste;
  • it retains moisture in the product;
  • it increases the product shelf life.

Scope of application

  • confectionery;
  • baked goods production;
  • meat and dairy production;
  • alcoholic and soft drink industry;
  • pharmaceutical industry.
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