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Corn gluten

GOST 55489-2013

Corn starch according. A high-protein feed additive, an energy source for domestic and agricultural animals, poultry, and aquacultures. It has a high feed value.
It contains a significant amount of carotenoids (up to 300 mg/kg) and exceeds their amount in corn by 20 times.
It takes on enormous importance in the granulation of compound feeds.

1 kg of gluten contains 1.3-1.5 feed units. The calorific value of corn gluten is in second place after animal and vegetable fats.
The digestibility of amino acids contained in gluten is up to 3-7% higher than in corn.
  • The energy value of 1 kg of gluten is equivalent to 7 kg of corn, and in terms of its protein content it is equal to 1 kg of fish-meal;
  • It takes on enormous importance in the granulation of compound feeds, as it provides a good bond between feed particles and promotes the formation of stable and high-quality pellets;
  • A high content of linoleic acid, which presence in poultry diets impacts on the size of eggs and hatchability of fertile eggs.

Scope of application

  • as a highly effective protein supplement in the diets of agricultural animals and poultry;
  • in the production of compound feeds
  • protein and vitamin supplement;
  • filler of premixes.

Multilayer paper bags with a maximum weight of 30 kg; soft containers (big bags) with a weight of 500, 750, 1000 kg.

Storage conditions

Corn gluten is to be stored in dry, clean, well-ventilated, odourless rooms at a relative humidity of not more than 85 % and a temperature of not more than 35 °С.

Shelf life

180 days from the manufacturing date subject to the storage conditions.

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