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Corn syrup

GOST 33917-2016

The product of corn starch bioconversion is a mixture of carbohydrates with various molecular weights: glucose, maltose and higher polysaccharides. These are natural sweeteners of vegetable origin.
Types of starch molasses
  • low-sugar (DE 24-28, DE 30-34);
  • highly sugared;
  • maltose;
  • caramel (DE 36-42)

Advantages of NewBio’s products

Product quality and food safety are strategic priorities for the company Products do not contain GMOs and are made from natural raw materials.

Functional Properties

  • sucrose substitutes;
  • humidity and structure regulators of confectioneries;
  • taste qualities stabilizers for the shelf life;
  • sweetness, taste and colour stabilizers
  • source of fermented sugars;
  • regulators of softness and hardening characteristics;
  • fast digesting carbohydrates.

Scope of application

  • confectionery;
  • beverages;
  • jams and jellies;
  • brewing and wine production;
  • ice cream.
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