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Gluten feed

TU 10.62.20-001-22431887-2020

The high-protein feed product is manufactured from valuable protein-mineral components of corn grain: proteins, carbohydrates, fibre, mineral substances.
Corn gluten feed is a balanced mixture of corn grain components:
corn fibre (hull of corn grain) – 60-65%;
condensed corn steep liquor – 30-35%;
crushed corn – 3-5%.
The technological process of feed production consists in mixing all components in certain proportions, their further drying, grinding, pelletizing. It is available in form of brans and pellets.

Effectiveness of corn gluten feed application

The actuality and practical significance of corn gluten feed application in the feed ration for farm animals consists in the possibility of replacing the currently used compound feeds with the maximum proportion of grain and vegetable (oil meal), and animal (meat and bone meal, dried skimmed milk) protein additives.
Thanks to its digestibility and nutritional value corn feed is considered to be one of the best concentrated protein feeds for feeding ruminants, providing high productivity at low costs.
Gluten feed contains a significant amount of carbohydrates
(starch polysaccharides) due to which it is an energy source for animals, rich in highly digestible fibre, as well as in necessary amino acids.
Gluten feed contains 2 times more protein (18-24%) than corn itself (8-10%). Its calorific value when used in the diet of ruminants is approximately 90% of the calorific value of corn. 100 kg of saleable dry corn feed is equivalent to 125-135 feed units and contain 10-15 kg of digestible protein.
Gluten feed due to its content of phosphoric acid salts, calcium salts, carbohydrates, fat, fibre, protein is well absorbed by the animal organism:
- carbohydrates – up to 86%;
- protein and fibre – up to 76%.
Gluten feed is included in some cattle diets: up to 60% of the total amount of consumed concentrated feeds. In its content of the digestible protein it overpasses all concentrates providing a protein-energy balance; it is a protein feed additive for rough feeds: silage, hay, straw.

Scope of application

  • animal husbandry area;
  • compound feed production.
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