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also known as coffee creamer, creamer or coffee whitener

The product is based on 3 natural ingredients:

  • starch syrup;
  • milk protein;
  • coconut oil.


  • 3 in 1 coffee mixes;
  • cocoa mixes;
  • portion sachets for usage with coffee or tea;
  • 1:1 replacement of full cream milk in different products (meat, dairy, ice-cream);
  • chocolate plates and glazing;
  • praline and whipped sweets, fillings for caramel and waffles, fat fillings;
  • butter cookies, crackers, gingerbread;
  • bakery products – loaves, puff pastries;
  • instant products - instant porridge, dry soups, purees, etc;
  • strong alcohol drinks, cocktails;
  • sales through retail chains in retail package.

Advantages of non-dairy creamer compared to dry milk products:

  • longer shelf life – 2 years at 0 – 25°С;
  • technologically advanced: non-hygroscopic, non-crystallizing, easy to handle;
  • complete solubility in water;
  • nice milky & creamy taste;
  • lower price;
  • lactose free, can be used by lactose intolerant people.

Advantages of non-dairy creamer of NewBio LLC compared to analogues on the market

Own production of the main raw material – high quality starch syrup.
NewBio LLC is the only Russian manufacturer which uses coconut oil and not palm oil. This factor and other features of the formulation provide:
  • better composition due to the good image of coconut oil compared to palm oil;
  • technological advantages in a number of applications, due to the higher melting point of coconut oil compared to palm oil;
  • higher thermal stability;
  • better taste;
  • lactose free;
  • the advantage over imported products – no currency risks and easier logistics.
Physical and chemical indicators of non-dairy creamer
Organoleptic characteristics
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